Community of Worship

Community of worship

There is a local Community of Eucharistic Adorers in the area of Priory Nazareth in Tegelen. This community dates back to when Priory Nazareth was founded in 1875 when a Brotherhood of Perpetual Worshipers already existed.

This is a tradition since Mother Mechtildis formed a circle of ‘fellow-prayers’ around the monasteries.


The members of the Adoration Community are committed to worshipping the Blessed Sacrament. With this in mind the Community undertakes the following obligations.

Every month, depending on their availability, they spend some time in worship at the Blessed Sacrament, in a chapel or church.

It is recommended that they visit the Blessed Sacrament weekly and renew their Commitment. Thursday is preferable as it was on Holy Thursday that the first Eucharist was instituted.

Members of the Community for Adoration strive to attend a Eucharistic celebration throughout the week. A lamp burns daily before the Blessed Sacrament for their intentions.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the worship community, you can contact:

Community for Adoration , van Wevelickhovenstraat 1, 5931 KS Tegelen.
Email .

There are no costs associated with membership, although an occasional gift is appreciated as a contribution towards the costs.

Bank account:

IBAN: NL61ABNA0247313475


Name: Priorij Nazareth inzake Gemeenschap voor Aanbidding te Tegelen.