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How do you reach Nazareth Priory?

By Air: Nearest airport: Eindhoven. Take the bus to the train station.

Düsseldorf airport is a 45 journey to Tegelen.

Trains from Eindoven:

  • Buy a ticket from Eindhoven to Tegelen;
  • Take the “NS” (National Service) Train to either Venlo or Roermond;
  • Change and take the “Arriva” (Local) Train at this station for Tegelen.

Please note: NS and Arriva are two different train companies. Swipe your ticket/chipcard when you leave the NS train at Venlo/Roermond. The swipe machine is on the station platform. Swipe to check into Arriva train before you start your journey to Tegelen.

The priory is approximately a 10-minute walk from the Tegelen railway station. Click here for a map you can follow if you are walking.

Priorij Nazareth, Klooster Oude Munt
Van Wevelickhovenstraat 1


Bank Details

IBAN: NL59 INGB 0001 0361 79


Name:  Zusters Benedictinessen van het H. Sacrament te Tegelen

(or: Oude Munt monastery in Tegelen)