Secular Oblature or Third Order Benedictine

It is possible to be a Third Order Benedictine or Oblate. This enables a lay person to live in their own families and communities by the Benedictine philosophy.

The Oblate or Secular Order of Benedictines of the Blessed Sacrament consists of married and single people in the world who live the same spirituality as the Benedictines of the Most Blessed Sacrament in their daily lives in the outer world.

In their families, parishes and daily lives they give testimony to the spirituality of the Benedictines of Mother Mectilde and are in union with the Sisters at Priory Nazareth. They endeavour to restore the honour due to God, to be a bearer of the joy and peace that Christ has brought to mankind, thus promoting the salvation of all men.

Like the sisters, through their silent and hidden life, the oblate can fully participate in the evangelization and healing mission of the Church for the honour and glory of the Holy Trinity.

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